What Is Same Day Dentistry?

Same Day Dentistry Forest Hills, NY

Most people do not have a lot of time on their hands, but same day dentistry can help. With advancements in today’s dental technology, you can get the smile of your dreams. It will only take a single visit with the technology that the dentist can use. Keep reading to find out more about what it involves.

About same day dentistry

Most people think of a long process when it comes to dental implants. Some people believe that the process will take several visits and many months. That is the case for traditional implants. However, with modern dental technology, it is now possible to get implants in just one day.

When a patient gets a new smile in a day, several titanium metal posts will be placed in the jawbone. These will be an anchor. Then the replacement teeth will be attached to them. This provides a functional, comfortable smile for the patient. The posts will still need to heal, but the patient will not have to go without teeth for several months.

How the process works

In the past, to get a restoration, the dentist would need to take a physical impression. This would involve filling a tray with a thick material and placing it over the teeth. Then the lab would get the impression and start making the restoration. This would take one to two weeks.

Today, same day dentistry allows the dentist to make a digital impression using a laser or optical scanner. Then it will go into a computer program. The program will make a virtual 3-D replica of the teeth. Then the onlay, inlay, veneer, or crown can be made. The shape, color, and biting surfaces need to be identified.

Then the entire design will go to a milling machine in the dental office. It can accurately create the restoration in around 20 minutes, depending on how large it is. It uses metal-free materials such as blocks of lithium disilicate or porcelain. The dentist can then make any minor adjustments to complete the restoration. The work can be done in one visit to save the patient time.

The benefits of working with same-day dentists

When it comes to getting restorations, it is not just the appearance of the patient’s smile that matters. It is also about the overall oral function and health. This is often a priority for dentists. There are several benefits of same day dentistry, including:

  • Durability
  • No shifting of dentures
  • Long-lasting solution
  • Does not take very long
  • Can restore the function of the bite
  • Can give the face a fuller look

Choose same day dentistry today

You should have a smile that you feel good about showing off. With same day dentistry techniques, you can have a more beautiful smile in just a day. It also will not require much of a time commitment. If you need to have restorative dentistry, make an appointment with your dentist today. You can learn more about the different options there.

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