What Is One-Day Dentistry?

The new hype in the world of dentistry is about the crowns that the dentists can fit in your mouth in only one day. Damaged teeth or any unsightly teeth parts are now restorable with a ceramic dental restoration, which is not only technologically and aesthetically efficient but durable as well. CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration Esthetic Ceramic) uses CAD/CAM technology to design teeth restoration. Later, a solid ceramic block is milled and contoured into a crown that perfectly fits the patient’s dental needs. All this procedure is undertaken in the dentist’s clinic in less than two hours within the same treatment session, saving you time.

This technology is both, time and cost efficient. It works better than a traditional crown. Therefore, it is safe to say that these are longer lasting than most traditional crowns. Initially, it was hard to believe that you can get a crown in a single day, especially within the same hour of the session with your dentist. It raised questions and concerns regarding the reliability and efficacy of the procedure. But the use of latest technology and ceramic-based structure of the crown that best suits the tissue and shade of the teeth started to take the general public by surprise.

The Exact CEREC Procedure

The dentist makes necessary preparations to restore your tooth and uses a specific CEREC camera to scan your tooth into the computer. It saves you from the traditionally uncomfortable paste impression. Next, a 3-D digitized format of your scanned tooth goes into preparation stage using CAD/CAM software. Having done that, the dentist now uses the screen to model the exact veneer, inlay, onlay, crown or bridge. It hardly takes 10 minutes, and then the model is forwarded for the milling to the milling unit. When the milling complete, the time for evaluation of the restoration comes.

The dentist checks whether it is a perfect fit for the rest of your teeth. The fine tuning and polishing of this CEREC crown are done, and it is now time to bond it in your mouth with the help of a dental adhesive. This results in an inlay, bridge, crown or onlay that fits so perfectly with the rest of your teeth, it is hard to make a distinction which is natural and which is not.

Along with being time and cost efficient, the CEREC crowns are highly durable and proves to be of great help in fostering the structure of your natural teeth. Since they use no metal and are pure ceramic, the CEREC crowns are completely biocompatible. This crown is also a revolutionary invention for people who felt uncomfortable or worse, allergic due to the presence of metal crowns in their mouth. Not to mention, they look almost like your natural teeth due to their amazing finish and polishing.

There is little doubt that CEREC crowns are a superior option as compared to conventional dental crowns. You can benefit from the option of one-day dentistry and save time on your dental treatments.

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