Platinum Member Benefits

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Platinum Member Benefits

Adult Membership is $500/year
Children (14 years or younger) of Members are $150/year

2 Cleanings Per Year

1 Comprehensive Oral Exam

1 Periodic Oral Exam

1 Periodontal (gum and bone) exam

1 Velscope Oral Caner Screening

All required x-rays including Panoramic x-rays (all x-rays are digital)* does not include CT Scans or Cone Beam Scans

One filling included and 20% off all additional fillings (all of our fillings are tooth colored, we do not have metal amalgam)* does not include teeth for which crowns or onlays are required

20% off all MetroSmiles fees including implants and cosmetic treatments

The value of the package is over $775
(Much more if you need fillings)