What Type of Dentures Are Best for You?

Replacement of permanent teeth can indeed be a daunting procedure, but it can become easier for you if you know which option is right for you.There are eight types of dentures from which you can choose. Take a look at […] Continue Reading

What Is One-Day Dentistry?

The new hype in the world of dentistry is about the crowns that the dentists can fit in your mouth in only one day. Damaged teeth or any unsightly teeth parts are now restorable with a ceramic dental restoration, which […] Continue Reading

5 Important Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

When someone is experiencing tooth decay it means that the structure of the tooth has been compromised and therefore may be in jeopardy. Fortunately, tooth decay is completely preventable. Visiting an experienced dentist on a regular basis is truly essential […] Continue Reading

When Is a Night Guard Recommended?

Night guards are often recommended for people who have been diagnosed with bruxism, more commonly known as grinding one’s teeth at night. Over time teeth grinding can potentially create a lot of problems that are not only dental-related but also […] Continue Reading

CEREC Provides a More Efficient and Successful Tooth Restoration

CEREC® is a technological breakthrough in the means of tooth restoration.  CEREC is a complex system that creates metal-free dental restorations of the highest quality in a single visit. Created by Sirona, this technology makes use of three-dimensional photography along […] Continue Reading

Tips For Proper Dental Care

When it comes to caring for your teeth, you have the power to preserve their integrity for decades to come. Caring for your teeth is solely your responsibility. Though regular visits to the dentist will certainly help, it is up […] Continue Reading

How Denture Adjustment Can Help You

Dentures are a cost-effective solution for people missing one or all of their teeth because of gum disease, decay, or trauma.In recent years, the demand for budget-friendly dentures has skyrocketed due to the rise in the number of baby boomers […] Continue Reading

Help Your Teeth Shine Bright With Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening procedures are an effective way to address discolored teeth. If you enjoy a daily cup of coffee or an occasional glass of red wine, then your teeth may begin to have stains or discoloration after continued consumption. These […] Continue Reading

A Cosmetic Dentist Answers Common Questions About Veneers

Are the porcelain veneers placed by my cosmetic dentist in Forest Hills permanent?Yes. This is a permanent oral health solution. Dental veneers require a tooth reduction of about 0.5 mm. This cannot be reversed after the fact.Will an anesthetic be […] Continue Reading

Am I A Candidate For Same Day Bridges?

Most people have heard of Same Day Bridges yet many are uncertain whether they would qualify as a prospective candidate for this unique oral health solution. Same Day Bridges are ideal for more patients than many readers would assume. In […] Continue Reading