3 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Same Day Bridges

Same Day Bridges Forest Hills, NY

Having same day bridges restores your teeth right away. Many people suffer from tooth loss. Your dentist may have told you about getting these bridges already. If you want to ask your dentist more questions about same-day bridges, here are a few ideas.

What are same-day bridges?

Knowing the function of dental bridges is vital in understanding why the dentist suggests this restoration. A bridge fills the remaining gap after tooth loss. Leaving the gap vulnerable to damage may cause serious issues like pain while chewing or infection. The dental bridge can fill the gap and act as a temporary tooth. It functions like a real tooth, allowing the patient to speak and eat better. A dental bridge can also improve the patient’s appearance.

Same-day bridges restore a patient’s full arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. These bridges can even work for the full upper and lower jaws. The dentist will recommend these quick bridges if the patient needs to have complete dental extraction. These restorations will replace all of the missing teeth.

The dentist will attach dental implants. Then, a complete set of same-day bridges will come on right away. The patient will walk out of the clinic with a complete set of replacement teeth. These will be in the form of same-day bridges.

What can the patient expect?

Getting these bridges involves placing dental implants in the lower or upper jaw. The replacement teeth are high-quality prosthetics in acrylic. The bridge is a hybrid with a milled titanium beam. This supports the teeth and gums. The dentist screws the teeth and bridges to the implants.

There will be no diet restrictions after the procedure. The patient can eat without worrying about replacement teeth falling out. There will be no pain either. The patient will need to have a soft diet during the first few weeks. This will help the implants fuse to the bones and gums.

The dentist will make the implant sites numb before drilling into them. The dentist will use sedation dentistry if the patient is anxious. Slight swelling and discomfort are natural after the procedure. The dentist will prescribe pain relievers to help manage the pain.

Same-day bridges can take about three hours. This includes the dental implant surgery and attachment of the bridges. The dentist will tell the patient to come in for preparatory treatments. These enable the dentist to get the patient’s gums ready. Tooth extractions may happen to remove the lingering damaged teeth. After getting the same-day bridges, the patient needs follow-up checks.

Are same-day bridges for anyone who wants them?

These bridges are for patients who are missing most of their natural teeth. These bridges are also for those who have unhealthy teeth because of advanced periodontitis. A dental consultation will help determine how suitable the patient is for this procedure. Same-day bridges can help most people. It is a less invasive way to get a healthy smile back.

Knowing everything you can about same-day bridges will help you prepare for them

Understanding these bridges allows you to know what to expect on the day of the procedure. Same-day bridges will restore your smile. They will improve your dental, psychological, and physical health. Asking your dentist about this procedure provides you with even more insight.

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