Chipped Tooth: Causes and Treatment Options

Chip My Tooth Forest Hills, NY

If you have a chipped tooth, you might want to know about the options to treat the issue. The enamel on the teeth is a strong substance, but there are some limits. Getting an injury is one way a chip could occur. The same is true if the patient has excessive wear on the teeth. The good news is there are treatments for the chip, so you can get a more beautiful smile.

What causes chipped teeth?

There are many reasons why teeth could chip. That includes damage from biting on hard objects, including candy and ice. Trauma to the face, such as from an accident, could result in a chip, as well. Plus, not using a mouthguard increases someone’s risk for chipped teeth. Grinding the teeth during the night can weaken them, leading to a chip, as well.

If the teeth have become weak, then they are more likely to become chipped. Cavities and tooth decay can eat at the enamel, leading to an increased risk of damage. The same is valid for grinding during the night. If a patient has heartburn or acid reflux, the stomach’s acid can damage the teeth, as well.

Bonding for minor issues

If there is only a small chip, the dentist can fix it through dental bonding. The dentist uses composite resin to the tooth and shapes it to the correct shape. Then the dentist can use UV light to dry and harden it. Once dry, the dentist can do a bit more shaping as needed. It can last a decade or longer.

Porcelain veneers

The dentist might recommend a veneer to hide the damage, as well. Before attacking it, the dentist will begin to smooth a bit of the patient’s enamel to make more room. The dentist makes molds of the mouth and sends them to a lab to create the veneer. It can last up to two decades.

A dental onlay

If the chip has only affected a small portion of the tooth, the dentist can place a dental onlay. That can go on the molars’ surfaces. If there is sufficient damage, however, the dentist might go with a full crown instead. The patient might have some local anesthesia so that the dentist can prepare the teeth for restoration.

The dentist might make a mold and sent it to the lab to create a restoration. Once the patient has the onlay, it is possible to place it on the teeth, cementing it in place. With today’s technical advances, a dentist might be able to create the part directly in the office before securing it. The onlay can then last for decades with the right care.

Make an appointment to treat the chipped tooth today

If you have a chipped tooth, it might detract from your smile. But getting it treated by the dentist can help you enjoy your appearance more. That way, you will have more self-esteem when smiling. Making an appointment today is the first step in getting a better-looking smile.

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