Dental Crown Uses With a Same Day Dentist

Same Day Dentistry Forest Hills, NY

A same day dentist can address many problems that can arise unexpectedly. Their expertise is a great resource to utilize when you need last-minute care, such as getting a dental crown. Dental crowns are commonly placed in same day dentistry because they are versatile restorations that can be used for many purposes. Continue reading to learn what a same day dentist might use a dental crown for. 

Dental crowns from a same day dentist

Below is a quick overview of what a same day dentist may use dental crowns for. This information can be helpful when needing to undergo a dental restoration.

What is a same day dentist?

A same day dentist has undergone a general dentistry education. However, their practice runs differently than a traditional dental office. In same day dentistry, the focus is to help last-minute patients with dental needs, whether urgent, emergent, or just without notice. Many individuals who suffer injuries visit a same day dentist because they are typically equipped with the necessary tools to address the problem. 

Dental crown uses

In same day dentistry, dental crowns may be needed for several reasons. Dental crowns are versatile restorations that can be used to address mild to severe problems. Here are a few of the uses that a same day dentist may need to utilize dental crowns for:

  • Capping a tooth that is chipped or cracked
  • Replacing a broken tooth 
  • Covering a tooth that had a cavity or undergone a root canal

Other things to know

One thing to know about a same day dentist and dental crowns is that they specialize in same day care, which means if a dental crown is required during the initial appointment, one can be created on the spot. Unlike most traditional dental practices, some same day dentists have access to technology that allows for the custom creation of dental crowns in as little as a few minutes. These dental crowns are made of ceramic materials and are based on digital imaging that is taken of the tooth requiring attention. 

In some cases, if the need is not too pressing, a different type of dental crown can be made in a dental lab. However, the goal of a same day dentist is to address and treat the problem at hand in one appointment. 

Visit a same day dentist

When you need care for an urgent dental matter, it is best to visit a same day dentist who specializes in such matters. As it relates to dental crowns specifically, a same day dentist can administer them to address various problems.

To find out more about same day dentistry or how dental crowns are used, reach out today! Any questions or concerns can be appropriately addressed or an appointment can be scheduled. 

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