Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important if Your Wisdom Teeth Have not Been Removed

Wisdom Teeth Forest Hills, NY

If your wisdom teeth are coming in, you have some important decisions to make. You and your dentist should discuss whether removing these teeth is the right thing to do. If you choose not to take them out, maintaining good oral hygiene is critical. You want to avoid problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and infections. Brushing and flossing will help to prevent these conditions. You also need to consistently visit the dentist.

Important points to know about wisdom teeth

When a person’s second set of molars come in around age 12 or 13, more teeth are on the way several years later. The third set of molars may not show up when a person reaches age 25, though these may come in as early as age 17. These teeth are not vital for chewing, and there is often not enough space for them to erupt properly. Because of the small area, these teeth may crowd out other teeth and cause jaw and gum pain. The teeth may emerge sideways and have other alignment problems and cosmetic issues. Removing the third molars by age 20 is often the right decision.

When to see the dentist

Regular dental checkups are always a good practice. As soon as a child starts getting teeth, visiting the dentist every six months should become a habit. This must continue throughout life to maintain good oral health and overall wellness. Some people may want to visit the dentist even more frequently. This includes patients will existing conditions such as gum disease and severe tooth decay. People should also see a dentist right away for emergencies, such as extreme tooth pain, tooth loss, tooth damage, or jaw problems.

The dentist will make sure the teeth are clean

Having wisdom teeth presents many challenges. It is difficult to effectively brush and floss these teeth because of their hard-to-reach location. Because of this, many patients struggle to clean them properly. At a dental appointment, the hygienist will remove plaque and tartar buildup from each tooth and at the gumline. The hygienist will also polish all of the teeth. If the patient is not doing a good enough job cleaning a wisdom tooth, a dental visit can help.

The dentist can keep an eye on how a wisdom tooth is doing

Patients who have wisdom teeth should be mindful of how well these teeth are interacting with others. The dentist will closely monitor the growth of these teeth and look for any concerns. If the dentist spots any reasons to remove the teeth at any point, the dentist will arrange for surgery. These visits are also good times for the dentist to diagnose any conditions that the patient may not otherwise know about.

Stay on track with good oral hygiene and health

Maintaining proper daily dental habits is critical. Your responsibilities are even more important when you have wisdom teeth. You can avoid serious problems with these teeth when you follow these tips. Your dentist will also be a good source of help to keep these molars healthy and strong.

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