Laser Teeth Whitening: Gel Solution and Laser Treatment Interaction

Laser Teeth Whitening Forest Hills, NY

You might be wondering if laser teeth whitening is right for you. Laser teeth whitening is a newer and popular option for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening solutions have changed significantly over the years. Your dentist can perform the laser teeth whitening procedure in the office by applying a gel to your teeth and then using a laser. The laser increases the reactivity of the teeth whitening components of the gel.

How the laser treatment works with the gel solution

The gel solution that a dentist applies works in tandem with the laser. The light and the heat of the laser affect the reactivity of a key ingredient in the gel — hydrogen peroxide. The laser accelerates the whitening effects of hydrogen peroxide. Patients who use this combination to whiten their teeth can see a big difference in the shade of the teeth.

Dentists carefully apply the gel solution because it is a concentrated bleaching agent on its own. The laser creates heat, and this is what spurs the reactivity in the gel. The process works much more quickly than at-home treatments. The dentist will place a protective layer over the gums because the whitening process can cause pain in unprotected tissue.

Treatments combining a laser with a whitening gel are not available outside of a dental office. The gel contains a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide in the solution. The dentist carefully applies the gel and takes care to avoid getting the gel onto the gums or other areas of the mouth. The entire procedure usually takes around an hour to complete.

The effects of laser teeth whitening

The dentist uses tools to hold the patient’s mouth open. After applying the gel, the dentist will target the surfaces of the teeth with the laser. Some patients report feeling some discomfort. Patients may also feel some warmth from the gel solution reacting to the laser. Not everyone feels pain, but those that do say their teeth feel better within a day or two.

Dentists caution patients that the amount of whitening depends on several factors. Some people’s teeth are naturally darker and some are lighter. Most people do see a noticeable difference in the shade of their teeth after the procedure. Teeth whitening with a laser can last for up to a year, depending on what patients eat and drink. Some patients notice some teeth sensitivity. Many dentists will apply a fluoride treatment after the whitening procedure to help protect the enamel.

Minimal side effects with laser teeth whitening

Not everyone experiences side effects, and those that do report mild side effects. The active ingredient in the gel solution, hydrogen peroxide, is effective at whitening teeth. The laser heats the teeth whitening gel solution and produces a simple chemical reaction. Patients appreciate how fast the teeth whitening process is when a dentist performs the procedure. Many people like how dental staff makes laser teeth whitening treatments a more effective choice than at-home treatments.

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