What Type of Dentures Are Best for You?

Posted on: April 16, 2018

Replacement of permanent teeth can indeed be a daunting procedure, but it can become easier for you if you know which option is right for you.There are eight types of dentures from which you can choose. Take a look at them here.

Types of dentures

Partial dentures are also called dental bridges. They are affixed in place with the help of neighboring teeth and helps in preventing other teeth from moving.

Complete/full/traditional dentures are the ones that dentists place as a full upper or lower set in the mouth. Usually, a bridge is fixed or anchored to existing teeth, but a full denture sits on the gum of an entire teeth lane.

Implant supported/overdentures sit on top of a dental implant series to hold the teeth restoration in place. These usually work well with people who have a strong and healthy jawbone. Since this procedure also takes time, therefore patience is also needed for implant supported dentures to work efficiently.

Immediate dentures – a period of 8 to 12 weeks is wait time after tooth extraction for the preparation of a denture. Immediate dentures are used to fill up the gap until the dentists can place customized denture implants in your mouth.

Custom – custom-made dentures are as per your request. In the making of custom dentures, special care is critical so that the denture goes well with your smile, and overall face cut. These dentures are quite expensive, but they are also more natural looking and better fitted.

Snap-in – the existing dental structure and teeth help these dentures to snap into a place where needed. They are much more convenient and require less effort regarding placement.

Upper – the dentures that are specifically for the upper set of the teeth are called upper dentures.

Economy – economy dentures might look attractive regarding the lower price they offer, but people are often found to have complaints about the quality of economy dentures. These dentures look unnatural, slip easily, fit loosely and are not exactly according to your particular mouth size and teeth set. Dentists recommend it as a last resort and only when someone is looking for the most affordable option due to limited finances.

Having sufficient information about the types of dentures can better help you decide which one is best for you. You can also discuss with your dentist before making a final choice. However, the most commonly considered factors are;

Denture factors to consider

Finances – not everyone’s budget allows them to try the best type of denture and this is where finances limit your choice.

Comfort – dentures are manufactured with a variety of materials. A person might be allergic to a certain metal type. Some may carry removable dentures better than permanent ones. It highly depends on their level of comfort.

Dental requirements determine your choice of the denture to a great deal. Your dentist can help you decide better in this regard because he has complete knowledge in the field.

Keep all these factors in mind and you can determine the right type of dentures for yourself.

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