CEREC Provides a More Efficient and Successful Tooth Restoration

Posted on: February 16, 2018

CERECCEREC® is a technological breakthrough in the means of tooth restoration.  CEREC is a complex system that creates metal-free dental restorations of the highest quality in a single visit. Created by Sirona, this technology makes use of three-dimensional photography along with CAD technology to design virtual restorations.

Same day dental restoration treatments

There is no need to take an impression. CEREC® can form restorations like bridges, crowns, inlays and onlays. The system is so advanced that it can work in unison with the milling unit to create the restoration while you are in the dentist’s chair.

The CEREC® Acronym

The C in CEREC® stands for chairside, meaning that we use the technology while the patient sits comfortably in the dentist’s chair.  E stands for economical since the procedure is economically efficient for patients as well as dentists. R stands for restorations as this procedure restores teeth to their natural strength, function and aesthetics. E, or esthetic, refers to the fact that CEREC® restorations are void of metal and colored just like regular teeth. C stands for ceramic. Ceramics resemble the structure and color of adjacent teeth.

CEREC’s Proven Success

CEREC® was created way back in the 1980s by Sirona Dental Systems based in Bensheim, Germany.  The first patient was treated with CEREC® in 1985. By 2002, more than 2,500 dentists in the United States used CEREC® technology. CEREC® has proven successful in restoring decayed, broken and weakened teeth. It also replaces fillings, providing added strength and visual appeal.

Perfect Restorations in Little Time

The appeal of CEREC® is efficiency. This computer-based dental technology can form a dental restoration that looks fantastic, functions as intended and lasts years. These restorations are made without potentially harmful metals. Furthermore, they are biocompatible. The average CEREC® crown appointment takes a mere two hours or less.

How to Know if You are a Candidate for a CEREC® Restoration

If your dentist has stated you will need a new bridge, crown, inlay or onlay, there is a good chance you are an excellent candidate for CEREC®.  If your tooth is cracked, your restoration is failing or if your teeth have significant damage, you will likely be a CEREC® candidate.  Furthermore, those who are interested in replacing aged metal restorations with CEREC’s biocompatible versions will find this dental technology to be quite helpful.  The bottom line is any large restoration in the mouth presents the opportunity for a CEREC® restoration.

The CEREC Process

The preparation of the cavity is photographed and stored in a digital manner as a 3D model.  The CEREC® software approximates the shape of the restoration through biogeneric comparisons with nearby teeth. The model is perfected with the CAD three-dimensional software.  Once the model is ready, a milling machine carves the restoration with the use of a diamond head cutter.

The cutter is controlled by the computer to ensure the utmost precision.  The restoration is made out of a block of ceramic.  Once finalized, the restoration is subsequently bonded to the tooth with resin.

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