Tips to Know If It Is a Dental Emergency

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A dental emergency requires immediate treatment to save a tooth or to stop the pain caused by a dental issue. Certain problems that require emergency dental care start as small issues like cavities, but they morph into something more severe when left untreated.

Determining a dental emergency

Figuring out if a toothache can wait for a regular dental appointment or requires emergency dental care can be tricky for those who do not know what to look for. Here are a few signs of a dental emergency.

1. A loose tooth

Healthy permanent teeth should never be loose. That is always a sign that something is wrong, and the tooth can end up falling out if left untreated. A loose tooth can be a result of trauma to a tooth or issues like tooth decay and gum disease weakening its structure. Emergency dental care is needed to stabilize it and to prevent its structure from getting further damaged.

2. A severe toothache

Excruciating pain coming from a tooth is often a sign that an emergency dentist is needed. It might be caused by an infection or soft tissues in the pulp chamber being exposed to irritants in the mouth. A dentist can diagnose the cause of a patient's pain and perform appropriate treatments.

3. Bleeding and aching gums

This is often a sign of the more advanced stage of gum disease called periodontitis. It can lead to tender gums that bleed when brushing or flossing. Gum disease leads to gum and bone tissues in the mouth being damaged, which can make teeth loose and lead to them falling out of the mouth.

Getting immediate treatment for gum disease is important because it becomes more challenging to treat as it progresses. The early stages of gum disease can be reversed with treatments like teeth cleanings and improved oral hygiene.

4. Inflammation in the jaw

A person's jaw being swollen can be a symptom of a severe infection. It occurs when the salivary gland becomes infected, leading to difficulty breathing and swallowing. Anyone who experiences such symptoms needs urgent dental care. The saliva gland usually becomes infected when there is a blockage preventing saliva from doing its job, which is keeping the mouth clean.

5. Dental abscess

A dental abscess is an infection that occurs at a tooth's root. It is a painful condition and often caused by untreated gum disease or tooth decay. It can also be caused by damage to a tooth not being treated, leaving it susceptible to infection. Treating an abscess requires minor oral surgery to drain the infection and treat it.

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