Reasons to Choose a CEREC® Crown Restoration

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CEREC® restorations make the process of getting a tooth fitted with a crown much simpler. This cutting-edge technology gives dentists the ability to make restorations on-site. This eliminates the two-week period that it typically takes for dental labs to make restorations. Instead of having to make two visits to the dentist or wait two weeks for their restoration, CEREC makes it possible to complete the entire process in as little as an hour.

Benefits of choosing CEREC restorations

Thinking about getting a crown? Here are a few reasons that you might be better off going with CEREC restorations.

1. A more convenient approach to getting crowns

The traditional way of getting a dental crown can be a huge inconvenience for people with busy schedules. It requires at least two trips to the dentist, and there is a two-week waiting period for the patient’s customized crown to be made.

When getting a conventional crown, the first visit is used to prepare the patient’s tooth by removing enamel and taking an impression that will be used to make the patient’s customized crown. During the second visit, the dentist removes the temporary crown that was placed on the prepared tooth at the end of the first visit and cements the customized crown into place.  

With CEREC, the entire process takes place during a single visit that lasts somewhere between one to two hours. The dentist prepares the patient’s tooth and uses 3D images to create a model of the tooth. These images are used to design the patient’s customized crown. The data is passed to a CEREC machine that mills the restoration from a ceramic block. It typically takes less than half an hour for the machine to make the patient’s restoration.

2. Aesthetics

CEREC restorations are made from blocks of ceramic, which is often used to make dental restorations due to its natural white color and translucence. This leads to restorations that look like real teeth, making it almost impossible to differentiate between the two.

Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, but dentists often recommend crowns made from ceramic to patients who want the most natural-looking restorations. Ceramic is more resistant to stains than even real teeth, making it easy to keep restorations looking pearly white.

3. Durability

CEREC restorations are made using strong dental ceramics. The CAD technology that powers CEREC machines leads to restorations that fit better than those made from impressions in a dental lab. A better-fitting crown provides improved protection for the tooth it is covering, and it is less likely to be damaged when used. Ceramic crowns are biocompatible and bond with teeth after their installation. This leads to a restoration that feels natural in the patient’s mouth.

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