How Denture Adjustment Can Help You

DenturesDentures are a cost-effective solution for people missing one or all of their teeth because of gum disease, decay, or trauma.

In recent years, the demand for budget-friendly dentures has skyrocketed due to the rise in the number of baby boomers who are reaching their senior years. The American College of Prosthodontists reports that close to 178 million Americans lack at least one tooth while 35 million individuals are missing all their teeth. Nearly 23 million seniors have lost all their teeth and about 12 million lack either all their lower teeth or all their upper teeth. Luckily, losing all your natural teeth does not translate to living without a gorgeous smile. Wearing dentures can restore your smile and help you accomplish daily tasks like speaking and eating.

You may experience minor discomfort or irritation during your first few weeks wearing these devices. Your saliva flow may also increase temporarily. These problems begin to dissipate as your mouth gets used to them. Follow-up appointments with your dental professional are necessary when you first start wearing denture so that the fit can be tested and adjusted.

Here are four ways how denture adjustment can help you:

1. Saves money

Just like most dental appliances, your dentures will need some adjustment at some point. For example, it could crack, or its material could erode or fatigue. The more you continue using it without visiting your dentist for an adjustment, the more likely your dentures will end up getting damaged. In the end, you incur more expenses than expected.

2. Improved oral health

In addition to being unattractive to the eyes, damaged denture sets can cause horrible complications to the gums and the bones in the oral cavity. Loose clasps can brush against the gums, leading to irritation.

The presence of gaps in the mouth may result in numerous health issues such as reduction of the jawbone density, misalignment of the existing natural teeth, along with difficulty biting and chewing. Taking the dentures to a dentist for examination on a regular basis is an ideal way to prolonging its lifespan and enhance one's oral health.

3. Cosmetic benefits

Misaligned and cracked dentures can be unappealing as well as uncomfortable. Therefore, the patient needs to seek denture adjustment services for realigning, cleaning and polishing. We have the right tools and skills necessary to remove unsightly stains and marks. A clean and correctly-installed denture set will improve one's facial appearance and speech, leading to enhanced self-esteem.

4. Reduced discomfort

A poor fit is one of the most common causes of denture fracture. Biting and chewing with a poorly-fitted denture leads to micro-fissures in the denture material. During the denture adjustment process, we will ensure a uniform alignment of the lower and upper set. This process will prevent fractures and make the device more comfortable.

A competent dentist will advise you on ways to properly maintain your dentures. However, even with regular maintenance, your denture set will eventually wear down over the years.

It could also become loose because of changes in your jawbone causing complications in your mouth. Fortunately, with regular adjustments by a professional coupled with proper maintenance, dentures can last decades. Call us at (718) 841-9591 for more denture information from Metro Smiles Dental or to schedule an appointment in our dentist office in Forest Hills.

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