A Cosmetic Dentist Answers Common Questions About Veneers

VeneersAre the porcelain veneers placed by my cosmetic dentist in Forest Hills permanent?

Yes. This is a permanent oral health solution. Dental veneers require a tooth reduction of about 0.5 mm. This cannot be reversed after the fact.

Will an anesthetic be necessary for the placement of veneers?

It might be necessary. In some instances a local anesthetic proves especially helpful for those who are extremely nervous or sensitive. However, it is possible that the veneers will be inserted and cemented without the use of any type of anesthetic. If an anesthetic is not used, the placement of the veneers will likely take a bit longer.

How long does it take to make a veneer?

It usually takes the lab about a full week to produce a fabrication of the veneer. However, this timeline might vary.

Will my teeth be sensitive following the placement of veneers?

It is possible for some sensitivity to cold and hot to occur following the placement of the veneers. However, this is perfectly normal. Such sensitivity occurs when a small amount of the tooth enamel covering is removed. The sensitivity will dissipate a couple days following the veneer placement.

How are the veneers placed?

Placement occurs with a resin that is light sensitive. It has been hardened with white light to allow for bonding to the teeth.

Are veneers strong?

Once your veneers are placed, they will prove incredibly strong and resist the vast majority of forces. Go ahead and consume your favorite foods and drinks and you will find your veneers withstand the force without a problem. However, you should take care to avoid stressing the veneer. As an example, attempting to open a bag of snacks with your teeth, eating candy apples or munching on particularly hard food is not advised.

How should veneers be cared for?

Caring for veneers is easier than most assume. Brush and floss your teeth just like you usually would to ward off additional oral health issues. Flossing or brushing will not damage your veneers in the slightest. Just be sure to use a non-abrasive toothpaste containing fluoride. Adhere to a home care regimen and your veneers will last for years.

If I clench or grind my teeth, will it prove problematic?

If you clench or grind your teeth, let your dentist know about the habit. The dentist can create an occlusal style of bite guard you can wear to reduce the stress placed on the teeth when sleeping.

Can everything be done in a single visit?

You will be asked to return to our cosmetic dentist in Forest Hills for an evaluation about a week after the veneers are placed. This is an important visit as it provides the dentist with the opportunity to analyze the veneer placement and the response of the gum tissue. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for your cosmetic dentist in Forest Hills to answer questions about your teeth, veneers and smile.

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