Am I A Candidate For Same Day Bridges?

BridgesMost people have heard of Same Day Bridges yet many are uncertain whether they would qualify as a prospective candidate for this unique oral health solution. Same Day Bridges are ideal for more patients than many readers would assume. In fact, there is a good chance you or someone you know is a good candidate for Same Day Bridges.

Here is what a dentist will consider when determining whether Same Day Bridges are the optimal oral health solution for a patient.

The Loss of a Tooth

If you lose one or several permanent teeth, you should know it will prove to be inconvenient beyond cosmetics. Missing teeth can affect the entire mouth's appearance and health. Same Day Bridges will restore your smile's look and your mouth's functionality. They really do look, feel and perform like your permanent teeth did before you lost them. Between one and three false teeth are added along with a crown for support on either side. These crowns connect to the permanent teeth on the sides of the one(s) to be replaced. This is essentially the construction of a bridge connecting the gap created by the missing teeth. In general, a patient who is missing upwards of three teeth in a row will be an excellent candidate for Same Day Bridges.

Patient Health Matters

The patient must be in good physical and mental health. The patient's mouth should be in the best possible condition. This means a patient who has gum disease will not be a candidate for Same Day Bridges. If the patient has gum disease, it has to be fully treated prior to the consideration for bridges and their subsequent placement.

The dentist will also take a close look at your mouth to determine if you might require a root canal at some point in the future. A root canal will likely rule out the patient as a candidate for bridges. This is due to the fact that a root canal has the potential to spur an infection or cause the teeth to lose strength and prove prone to damage.

Teeth Strength

The patient must have strong and healthy teeth in order to be considered for Same Day Bridges. If the dentist suspects the teeth are not strong enough to support the bridges, they might recommend dental implant surgery prior to any other procedure or treatment. The dentist might also recommend a partial denture for a patient who suffers from widespread tooth loss. Furthermore, if the patient has tooth decay, it must be addressed prior to Same Day Bridges.

Time Is of the Essence

If you are short on time and would like bridges on the same day, this is the oral health solution for you. The dentist will take images of your teeth. These three-dimensional images are used to create the bridge. After a couple hours the dentist can place the dental bridge. This is the quickest and best way to get that beautiful and healthy smile you have always desired.

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