What Are Three Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

Do I Have Sleep Apnea Forest Hills, NY

Sleep apnea is a condition that leads to an inability to stay asleep at night. This is caused by the person not being able to breathe due to the airway closing. This leads them to repeatedly wake up and gasp for air. Sleep apnea can affect a person's (and their partner’s) quality of sleep and ability to function at an optimal level each day.

Signs that indicate a need for sleep apnea treatment

Three common signs that indicate a need for sleep apnea treatment are an inability to stay asleep throughout the night, an inability of the person’s partner to stay asleep (primarily due to loud snoring), and an inability to function properly throughout each day. The good news is, however, there are effective treatment options available for sleep apnea.

1. Difficulty staying asleep

As mentioned, sleep apnea leads to suddenly waking up due to an inability to breathe temporarily. This is not only a nuisance, but it can be incredibly scary for the person and their partner as they suddenly gasp for air upon waking. Individuals who seek treatment for sleep apnea generally see a major improvement in their ability to sleep throughout the night.

2. Your partner is unable to sleep due to snoring

Snoring does not typically bother the person snoring directly as they are not aware they are doing so. However, it can become a serious problem for their significant other, roommates, children, and others who may live in the same home. Therefore, anyone who has a partner who reports them constantly snoring loudly and alternative remedies have not resolved the issue should visit the dentist to see if sleep apnea treatment can help.

3. Discomfort and lack of focus throughout the day

Many who have sleep apnea also deal with discomfort in the mornings, such as morning headaches. They may also have a harder time focusing throughout the day, largely due to a lack of adequate sleep the night before. This can lead to a reduction in productivity at work, in school, with family, and in other aspects of a person’s daily life.

The benefits of sleep apnea treatment from a dentist

One of the most notable benefits of sleep apnea treatment is it allows the individual to sleep better throughout the night. This can also lead to improvements in the ability to function daily and reduce or eliminate morning headaches and irritability. Sleep apnea treatment can also allow the person’s partner and others asleep in nearby rooms to get a better night of rest as well. Dentists also offer more comfortable treatment options, such as a night guard for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

How a dentist can treat sleep apnea

A dentist can treat sleep apnea with oral appliances (and other possible treatment options). To find out about all of your treatment options for sleep apnea, contact our dental practice today and schedule a visit, during which we can discuss your symptoms of sleep apnea and determine an appropriate treatment plan.

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