What Are Dental Crowns Used For?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed on top of a tooth to cover your tooth. Dental crowns are used to restore the tooth’s strength, size and shape or even improve the tooth’s appearance.

When dental crowns are cemented in place, they encase the visible portion of the wearer's tooth. That is the part that lies above your gum.

Types of dental crowns available

There are several types of dental crowns available, and they include the following:

1. Stainless steel dental crowns

Dental crowns made of stainless steel can be used to protect the tooth from further decay. They are mostly used by children, since multiple dental visits are not required.

2. Metal dental crowns

The metals used in making dental crowns usually have a high content of platinum or gold alloys. These crowns are able to withstand biting or chewing forces and last longer.

They rarely chip, and the only drawback is their color, which is not appealing to some people.

3. Porcelain dental crowns

These are dental crowns that are used on all teeth types. Porcelain dental crowns are prone to chipping, but they can be a perfect choice for both front and back teeth. Porcelain dental crowns can also be used in long braces.

Dental crowns can either be permanent or temporary. Temporary dental crowns can be made in a dentist’s office. Permanent crowns are made in dental laboratories.

Functions of dental crowns

Dental crowns can be used in the following situations:

  • Crowns can be used to protect weak teeth from decay or further damage
  • They can be used to restore an already broken tooth; crowns also protect teeth that have been severely damaged
  • They can be used to hold dental bridges in place
  • Dental crowns are used with implants
  • Crowns can be used to make cosmetic modifications

Dental crowns can be used for children for the following:

  • Crowns can be used in children to save teeth that have been damaged by decay, especially teeth that do not support tooth filling
  • They can be used to protect a child’s teeth that have a risk of tooth decay; dental crowns are also used when children have a difficulty maintaining daily oral hygiene

A pediatric dentist will likely recommend stainless steel dental crowns.

Dental crowns can last between five to 15 years. The devices lifespan will rely on the wear and tear that the crown is exposed to. The oral care habits of the wearer also determine how long the crown will last.

Habits such as clenching teeth, biting nails or chewing on ice are known to damage crowns and should be avoided. Dental crowns do not require any special care. The wearer just needs to practice good oral hygiene.

If you are dealing with a tooth that has been damaged by decay, trauma or discoloration, visit one of our dentists to determine if you need a dental crown. There is no need to be unhappy with the condition of your teeth when there is a simple solution.

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