The Steps of the Invisalign Process

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Invisalign® only became popular a few years ago as a discreet method of straightening the teeth. Due to the benefits of this option, more people are inquiring about how it works. If you are curious about the Invisalign process, this article covers that, including what to expect before, during and after treatment.

Initial consultation with the dentist

Patients who are interested in Invisalign will need to meet with the dentist to know if it is the right option. While Invisalign is a versatile solution that works for almost all orthodontic issues, not everyone is eligible for it. Aside from the clinical factors, the dental professional will also determine if the patient is able or willing to wear the trays for more than 22 hours daily. There is also the part of insurance coverage and cost comparisons.

Creating the treatment plan

After deciding to go through with treatment, the dentist will take images, impressions and x-rays of the patient’s dentition. The information is forwarded to the Invisalign company, including specific instructions on how the teeth are estimated to move. With computer software, the technicians at the lab will produce a 3D rendering of the teeth and model of the teeth’ movement to their proper position. The dentist will continue to work with the technicians and recommend any necessary adjustments. Invisalign trays will only be produced when the dentist is satisfied.

Getting the aligners

It could take between two weeks to a month for the aligners to get ready. Patients will get a notification to return to the dental office. The aligner trays are different and designed to be used in a certain order. Patients will wear each set of aligners for two weeks, with each one working to return the teeth to proper alignment. The aligners have to come off when eating or brushing; otherwise, patients will need to wear them throughout the treatment process. If the aligners are not used according to instruction, it will affect treatment progress and extend the overall duration.

Final adjustment

When the patient gets to the last tray in the series, the teeth should be straighter and well-positioned. However, in some cases, a few teeth might yet need additional adjustments. The dentist will examine the patient’s dentition and reach out to Invisalign to get additional refinement trays. There is usually no additional charge for these trays.

Use of retainers

After completing treatment, patients need to wear retainers to allow the jawbones to harden around the new teeth positions. There is a product from Invisalign called Vivera, which is like the other trays, but somewhat thicker. A wired retainer also works. Patients need to wear the retainer regularly after completing treatment, but it is advisable to wear them a few times per week to ensure the teeth never fall out of alignment.

In conclusion

Invisalign is an effective teeth straightening treatment. The aligner trays are transparent and, therefore, almost invisible on the teeth. To learn more about the procedure and your eligibility status, reach out to the dental office to book an appointment.

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