Help! My Dental Bonding Has Fallen Off

The process of having dental bonding done has grown in popularity over the years as it is offering people a less invasive method of treatment for things like gaps between teeth, staining or minimal cracks.

While dental bonding is said to be effective and simple, there are times where problems arise. Just like with any other dental procedure, dental bonding also has its own drawbacks and one of those happens to be when dental bonding falls off or becomes loose.

Being aware of what to do when dental bonding falls off can be helpful to someone who isn’t sure of what to do or how to handle it. Read more below as we go over what to do when dental bonding falls off!

Why does dental bonding fall off?

As uncommon as dental bonding falling off is, it actually does happen. Because dental bonding adheres to the surface of a person’s tooth, there are times when the adhesion material wasn’t thoroughly put on. The dentist may have missed a small spot that eventually became loose over time, thus causing the bonding to dis-adhere and fall off.

Other times, the shape of the dental bonding may not be spot on and when a person chews on their food, it could be catching on the bonding which would result in it becoming loose. Eventually, after it catching multiples times, the bonding will likely become loose enough that it falls off completely.

What to do when a dental bonding falls off

Call the dentist

In the rare event that a person’s dental bonding falls off, they should first and foremost make an appointment with their dentist because this isn’t supposed to happen. Although every dental procedure has its flaws, dental bonding is supposed to be permanent.

Don’t pull or yank it

It is important that when a dental bonding begins to fall off that a person doesn’t try to pull or yank it off further. If there are still parts that are connected, it’s best that the person tries to leave it or hold it on until the dentist can examine it.

Pulling a dental bonding completely off could result in sensitivity, pain or even staining as the surface of a person’s tooth is etched in order for the bonding material to stay. These etches can easily soak up any germs or dyed materials that could result in damage or staining.

As tempting as it may be to pull or yank the bonding off, holding it in place until a professional can look at it, is the best thing that someone can do for themselves.

Keep the area clean

In the event that a dental bonding has fallen off, a person should keep the tooth and surrounding area clean. It may be best to avoid chewing anything hard as this could cause pain or sensitivity to the bonded tooth. Gently brushing around the area will ensure that bacteria doesn’t begin to build.

Dental bonding procedures are said to be permanent but in some situations, a person may lose their dental bonding. Talking with a dentist as soon as dental bonding becomes loose is the best thing to do, as they can repair or replace the bond.

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