Dental Contouring and Tooth Reshaping for Subtle Changes

Tooth Reshaping Forest Hills, NY

Does your tooth have minor impairments, such as a crack or chip that affects your ability to smile confidently? If so, dental contouring and tooth reshaping may be beneficial.

A cost-effective way of enhancing your smile, tooth reshaping can correct minor defects with subtle changes that give incredible results.

If your teeth have a poor shape or overlap, this dental procedure can help you.

Dental contouring and tooth reshaping process

A dentist can use various methods to change the appearance of your teeth. In some cases, these two procedures may be used together to give you a smile you have always wanted.

What is tooth reshaping?

Tooth reshaping is a process that entails scraping off a tiny amount of tooth structure with the aim of getting a more appealing smile. The dentist will smoothen out chipped or fractured areas and round off square edges. Contouring improves the tooth’s alignment and is useful for achieving a more attractive smile.

The process is sometimes performed to stop chipped parts from worsening. Tooth reshaping is the traditional way of improving the teeth. Since removing a large quantity of the enamel can make the teeth weaker, the treatment is restricted to minor modifications or used with veneers or bonding for an attractive smile.

Dental Veneers    

Veneers are usually used along with contouring. Dental veneers are thin sheets of uniquely shaped porcelain or plastic that bond to the front side of the teeth. They are the perfect solution for teeth with imperfections such as severe discoloration, chips, cavities, crookedness or pits. Dentists also use veneers to fix irregular or unwanted spaces.

In contrast to crowns, veneers do not require the removal of the tooth’s structure. Veneers are made using a mold taken in the cosmetic dentist’s office. When it is ready, the dentist will bond the custom veneers to the tooth.

Dental Bonding

Generally, bonding will mask any natural imperfections through the application of a thin coat of colored resin on the front side of the teeth. Afterward, the cosmetic dentist will sculpt and shape the material to the tooth more appealing.

Using high-intensity light, the dentist will harden the plastic, and then polish the surface. The procedure is usually done along with tooth contouring and reshaping procedures.

What you should know

Dental contouring is moderately priced, requires no insurance cover and can help to boost your tooth’s health. Also, it can also be used as an alternative to braces.

The procedure might be covered by insurance if an accident or trauma caused damage. Despite the advantages, there are a few things you should know before undergoing the procedure.

Dental contouring and tooth reshaping produces subtle results. If you want drastic changes, ask your doctor about other cosmetic dental treatments such as Invisalign or porcelain veneers.

Understand that you may experience sensitivity on the affected tooth. This depends on the amount of enamel removed from the teeth during the dental contouring and tooth reshaping process.

Speak to a dentist about tooth reshaping

If you have minor dental defects and want to improve your smile, then call our office. Our dentist can examine your teeth and see if dental contouring is a suitable treatment method.

Request an appointment here: or call Metro Smiles Dental at (718) 841-9591 for an appointment in our Forest Hills office.

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