The Benefits of Clear Braces in Forest Hills and Invisalign

Clear BracesIf you are interested in clear braces in Forest Hills and Invisalign, we invite you to call our office and schedule an appointment. We can examine you, take x-rays, and discuss your smile goals before helping you to determine which type of treatment option is right for you. If you do decide to straighten your teeth with clear aligners, you can expect to wear them for as long as if you had traditional braces, but the treatment process will be entirely different, in our opinion – easier.

Here are some of the many benefits of clear braces in Forest Hills and Invisalign

Keeping your teeth clean is easier than with braces.

When you are wearing traditional metal braces, cleaning your teeth can be challenging. It is easy for food to become trapped in between your brackets and plaque to build up on your teeth. In order to clean your teeth, you may need to use special tools. Flossing also requires additional tools and the entire routine will take longer. When you wear aligners, the process is the same as before you started your orthodontic treatment. You simply remove your aligners, brush and floss your teeth.

Clear braces blend in with your teeth.

When you are wearing clear braces, no one will be able to notice. They blend in so that you can smile with confidence. Instead of needing to feel self-conscious during your treatment, you can be sure that your smile will continue to look better and better.

You can eat what you want.

Since you need to remove your aligners to eat, you do not need to worry about what you can and cannot have for dinner. All you have to do is take your aligners out, put them in a case for safe keeping then eat, brush your teeth and replace them. It is that simple. With braces, you have to worry about food becoming stuck in between your teeth and adjusting your diet as a result.

The treatment process is fairly comfortable.

Most of our patients find that straightening teeth with aligners is not uncomfortable. Your teeth may be sore for a day or two each time that you put a new aligner on, but that will pass quickly.

You have flexibility.

When you wear traditional braces, you are stuck wearing them throughout your entire treatment. With clear aligners, you have the flexibility to take them off if and when you need to. That means that if you have a big presentation at work or are going out for a special evening, you can take them out. As long as you remember to put them back in, you have the flexibility to make decisions on a daily basis as to when to remove and replace your aligners. Just try to wear them for 22 hours per day.

We have several ways to straighten your teeth. To learn more about clear braces in Forest Hills or to discuss the option of wearing Invisalign, call (718) 841-9591 and schedule a consultation with our dental office.


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