4 Reasons to See a Laser Dentist

Laser Dentistry Forest Hills, NY

A laser dentist has the most cutting-edge tools in dentistry — lasers. This type of dentist uses a less invasive method capable of replacing the crude, traditional techniques. Scalpels and drills do not inspire a pleasant dental treatment experience at all. If you are thinking about seeing a laser dentist soon, here are the four major reasons to do so.

1.Lower risk of infection

Infections may still happen sometimes. Drills and scalpels increase the possibility of infection. A laser dentist can lower the risk of infection. Using lasers sterilizes the surgical area right away. This does not give bacteria a chance to infect the tissue. The procedure does not cause stress to the patient while healing.

During the procedure, the laser removes specific parts of the gums and teeth. The laser dentist kills off the remaining bacteria as lasers cut out the infected tissue. The risk of post-surgical complications decreases without any threatening bacteria left around the surgical site. This allows the patient to get back to normal daily activities.

2.Quicker recovery

Healing from traditional dental procedures can take some time. Procedures using drills and scalpels cause this type of delay in recovery. A laser dentist always conducts a quick procedure. Lasers cauterize the surgical site right away. There is also less swelling and bleeding. Stitching the wound does not happen during a laser procedure.

The laser dentist has complete control over the laser equipment. Lasers do not harm the healthy tissue at all. Healing time is faster even for periodontal and root canal treatments. Many patients do not need pain relievers after laser dental surgery. This allows patients to resume their daily activities right away.

3.Lasers are dynamic

A laser dentist uses a laser as a dental tool. This gives more control and versatility to surgeries in general. Lasers can prepare teeth faster for dental fillings. These tools can also reshape the patient’s gums and treat canker sores. The patient can have several restorative procedures in one dental visit.

Cosmetic treatments are possible with lasers as well. The laser dentist can remove gum tissue to repair a gummy smile. Lasers can speed up whitening treatments. These tools are indispensable in making dental procedures more efficient.

4.Painless, comfortable, and anxiety-free procedures

Most dental patients do not want to get injections, even for dental procedures. A laser dentist does not need to inject local anesthetics during most laser surgeries because lasers already numb the soft tissues and teeth. The procedure becomes less invasive, bringing the patient more comfort. Patients do not have to deal with numb mouths after each procedure. This allows them to go back to their routine and even enjoy some free time.

Many patients experience anxiety before and during dental procedures. This makes each dental appointment difficult and even almost impossible for them to handle. A laser dentist does not have to cause this much stress in patients. Lasers are quiet, and this is more relaxing to patients from the start of the procedure until its end.

There are many reasons to come back to your laser dentist

Dental procedures can be stressful to think about at times. Drills, scalpels, and stitches do not make healing fun for most dental patients. That is why many go to a laser dentist. An appointment with this type of dentist results in quicker procedures and hassle-free recovery.

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