When Do You Need a Dental Inlay?

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If your dentist has just recommended getting a dental inlay, you would probably want to know about the procedure and why it is suggested. Dental inlays are indirect fillings only used on the molars, the set of teeth at the back of the mouth used for chewing. The tooth cusps mostly determine how this filling will be designed.

An overview of dental inlays

To understand the need for a dental inlay, one needs to get that a tooth cusp is. The cusps are the bumps on the outer edge of every tooth surrounding the grooves of the tooth. In this case, the tooth has developed decay or cavities in these grooves. The inlay fits completely within the tooth’s cusps to fill the cavity caused by tooth decay.

The inlay is a preformed filling, and unlike onlays, does not extend to the tooth cusps. The dentist will first numb the tooth with a local anesthetic before drilling the tooth clean out the decay. The inlay is a dental restoration option for repairing a tooth that has suffered damages or injury that do not extend to the tooth cusps.

After preparing the tooth, the dentist will take an impression and send it to the dental lab to produce a custom inlay. Inlays can be fabricated from composite resin or porcelain material and designed to match the color of the affected tooth. This means that the dental restoration will be indifferentiable on the tooth and fit over it perfectly. When the inlay is ready, the dentist will remove the temporary inlay on the tooth to fit the permanent inlay. Dental inlays are a more durable alternative to regular fillings produced from composite or amalgam.

The need for the dental inlay

Patients need to care for the teeth to prevent damages and decay. However, if the damage occurs, the dentist will suggest getting a dental inlay over a regular filling or a dental crown if the damage to the tooth’s biting surface fits the following conditions:

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  • Extensive damage that might require a large dental filling, which might not be strong enough to support the tooth’s structure
  • Fracture, breakage, or decay that does not affect the tooth’s cusps
  • The severity of the damage does not require removal of enough tooth structure to justify the placement of a dental crown

Although inlays, onlays, fillings, and crowns are all effective smile restoration options, the dentist will perform an evaluation and recommend the most suitable option to repair the tooth. The dentist will suggest an inlay to restore the tooth’s shape and function. The dentist will review the patient’s dental records, medical history, current medications, and preferences before making their recommendation. Sometimes, a patient might need to get antibiotics before undergoing the procedure.

In conclusion

With dental inlay, only a small amount of the tooth structure is removed to complete the tooth restoration process, making it more conservative than onlays and dental crowns. If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, you need to promptly visit the dental office to have it checked and repaired. Book a consultation appointment to get started.

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