UV Lighting: Does it Work for Teeth Whitening?

UV lighting or ultraviolet lighting is steadily becoming a popular resort to individuals that are looking to whiten their teeth, and with good reason. This procedure is widely used by celebrities, and who doesn’t want an amazingly white smile like your favorite Hollywood celebrity?

Some might question if UV lighting is worth the hassle and money to test this particular procedure out, but there is proof that this option may be worth the try. For others, the quickest and convenience of this procedure may intrigue others on wanting to try it, regardless here are some benefits and risks to take into consideration.

Does UV lightening work?

UV lighting is believed to be a faster solution to teeth whitening than any procedure currently offered to dental patients. This procedure directly places ultraviolet light frequency onto the teeth to accelerate the activation of bleach whitening for a quicker whitening process and better-long lasting result for your teeth.

Is it safe?

However, studies have also indicated that UV light procedures do not have any significance on the speed or improvement of brightening teeth. A study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice reviewed the safety and effectiveness of a variety of teeth whitening processes, including the use of UV light to whiten teeth. In examining the use of a "blue light with a wavelength between 480 nm and 520 nm," during the whitening process, the study suggests that using a light to activate the peroxide had no real added benefit.

In addition, UV lighting comes with short and long-term risk factors that are important to make note of. Short-term risk factors include burns and bleeding of the gums, tooth sensitivity and even sunburn to the skin, while long-term risk factors may lead to wear on the teeth's enamel and even oral cancer. The light treatment gives absolutely no benefit over bleaching without UV. It has the potential to damage the skin and eyes up to four times as much as sunbathing, reports a study in Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences.

According to the researchers at the Nigerian Medical Journal, it was concluded that the more yellow and stained the teeth were at the beginning of treatment and the longer the bleach was left on the teeth, the more dramatic the results would be. The team also concludes that using a light activator did not improve results.

So, it is very important to take all benefits and risks into consideration when opting into this teeth whitening application.


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Using UV lighting for whitening the teeth may raise curiosity, yet concern with so many mixed reviews on this technique, you may find yourself in a whirlwind of thoughts! Our trained professionals are knowledgeable in answering any questions or concerns you may have about how effective and safe UV light treatment can work for your teeth. Give us a call and set up a consultation today to discuss this and many other options to get the best smile!

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