Signs You Should Visit Our Emergency Dentist Office

Emergency DentistThere are many signs that you should see an emergency dentist. If you have a sudden unexplained discomfort in your tooth, if your gums are bleeding, or if you have damaged your tooth you should visit our office. These are all important reasons, but there are also many more. In our emergency dentist office, we can work wonders for your oral health. We can fix unexpected problems, and we can provide you with long-term solutions for your dental ailments. It is absolutely necessary that you know the signs of when you should visit our office. With that in mind, here are answers to questions that we often hear from patients -

How can an emergency dentist save your chipped tooth?

An emergency dentist has all the tools and knowledge necessary to save your chipped tooth. We are ready to fix your damaged tooth using several solutions. Our composite resin bonding is available on demand to repair your chipped or fractured tooth. We know how to apply our bonding solution to your chipped area to create a natural looking appearance. Afterwards, no one will even know you ever chipped your tooth.

How can an emergency dentist treat your cavity quickly?

As an emergency dentist, we know the ins and outs of cavity treatment. If you are experiencing discomfort or were told that you may have a cavity but have not had it filled yet, it is urgent that you do so as soon as possible. Filling a cavity will prevent further irreversible damage to your tooth. We have a variety of filling options available for your cavity. Our materials are hardwearing and resilient to both staining and discoloration.

How can an emergency dentist replace your lost tooth?

If your tooth gets dislodged and you need immediate care, we can provide you with a few great options that look just like your original tooth in the form of a permanent dental bridge or dental implant.

If your tooth was just knocked out and you have saved your tooth, we can place it back into its socket. In the case of having a tooth dislodged, you should keep the tooth moist at all times. Rinse any debris from it and place it back into your mouth to keep it wet. You can also place it into a glass of milk. Try to get to our office within an hour of the accident to have your tooth re-set.

With the numerous dental emergencies and everyday dental procedures that take place, it can be hard to an appointment at a general dentist office on short notice. Our emergency dentist office will put you first in your time of need. Visit us if you have any of these dental emergencies or need any other immediate dental care. We can give you quality care in a timely manner so that you don't have to wait. Don't put the life of your teeth at stake, when we can provide you with excellent dental care.


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