It is Never Too Late for Adult Braces

Adult BracesYou can transform your smile using adult braces, regardless of how old you are. Even if you are a senior citizen, it is never too late to improve your smile. Our dentist has a lot of experience working with patients of all ages and transforming their smiles into something spectacular. This is done through both cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

As a cosmetic dentist, we can help straighten a patient's teeth using dental veneers. This is a non-surgical procedure that can close gaps and straighten teeth. This works well for minor corrects but may not be the best option when all of your teeth need to move into place. We can also straighten teeth using dental implants which require removing the natural teeth and replace them with synthetic ones.There are many options, and we can walk you through all of them during your initial consultation.

Adult braces may be the best solution for achieving your smile goals. If you have any issues with your jaw or bite being misaligned, traditional metal braces will work best to straighten your teeth while correcting your bite issues. This is important for people that are experiencing pain or discomfort from their teeth not fitting together properly. There are several types of braces that adults can use including the traditional metal ones and fast braces.

Patients that only need to straighten their teeth, without moving their bite, may be best served by Invisalign. This is often referred to as adult braces because it works so well for busy adults that want a straight smile without the appearance of braces or inconvenience of constant orthodontist appointments. At the beginning of the procedure, we will take a mold of your teeth and have a series of aligners created in a dental lab. These aligners are completely clear and look like a full retainer. Every couple of weeks you need to replace the old one and put on a new one. Slowly but surely the teeth will move into place until you reach the final aligner. People are surprised at how comfortable the procedure is and how dramatic the results are. This works for adults and will not interfere with a busy work or home life schedule. In fact, you only need to wear the aligner for 22 hours a day which leaves enough time to enjoy your favorite meal and brush your teeth.

Adults do not have to be stuck with crooked teeth. If your teenage years have passed you by, don't fret, you can still transform your appearance. Straight teeth do that – they make you look and feel completely different. Having your teeth straightened can give you a renewed sense of self-confidence and help you to smile boldly, rather than hiding. Photo ops will become more memorable, and you will feel generally happier about your appearance. We can give you those moments using either adult braces or cosmetic dentistry. Whichever path you choose, we will make sure that you look fabulous.


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