Family Dentistry Question: Is Green Tea Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

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Family dentistry involves more than making sure people brush and floss their teeth. Dentists also look for other ways for patients to improve their overall oral health. That has caused dentists to examine the health benefits of green tea. It turns out green tea is quite beneficial for oral health, although people need to keep a few things in mind when consuming it.

Green tea and gum disease

Family dentistry offices work hard to help patients prevent gum disease. Drinking green tea helps with that. Researchers believe that a single cup of green tea a day reduces the risk of clinical attachment loss, periodontal pocket depth and bleeding gums.

How it fights gum disease

Researchers are still examining the link between green tea and gum disease. However, they believe it is likely due to the catechin in green tea. This antioxidant reduces inflammation. Gum disease occurs after the body has an inflammatory response to bacteria under the gums, so reducing inflammation helps prevent the disease.

Cavity prevention

A family dentistry office also works to prevent cavities. Dentists recommend patients drink green tea to fight off bacteria that cause cavities. While a cup of green tea will not replace a toothbrush and dental floss, it does reduce the risk of cavities.

How green tea fights cavities

Green tea contains polyphenols. These compounds reduce the number of bacteria in the teeth. The fewer bacteria there are in the mouth, the less likely people will get cavities.

Protection against oral cancers

Dentists examine patients for oral cancer at every checkup. Dentists are tasked with looking for signs and also recommending ways to reduce oral cancer. Drinking green tea is a good way to fight against this disease.

Green tea and cancer

Green tea contains antioxidants that can actually fight against tumor growth. Those who have oral cancer might also benefit from drinking green tea since it can slow the growth of present tumors. This is not a replacement for cancer treatment, but it can be a useful tool.

Considerations when drinking green tea

While green tea has many health benefits, there are some considerations as well. Keep these issues in mind before reaching for a cup of green tea.

Teeth staining

Green tea can stain teeth, although the stains are less prominent than with black tea or coffee. Those who drink green tea should brush shortly after to limit the stains.

Issues with sugar

Adding sugar to green tea can also lead to oral problems. Sugar causes cavities, so people are encouraged to drink it black. If that is not possible, use a sugar substitute.

Family dentistry recommends green tea for oral health

Green tea has numerous oral health benefits. It helps prevent gum disease and cavities and can also protect against oral cancer. Remember that it can stain the teeth and to avoid putting sugar in the tea. If you are careful about how you consume it, green tea can be very beneficial.

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