5 Ways to Protect Teeth Without Even Trying

It may be hard to believe, but we can protect teeth in many different ways as we go through our daily routine. All through the day, we can do little things to make our mouths healthier than they already are. Taking care of the mouth during the workday only takes a minute or two, and it is not a chore. Here are five fun ways we can look out for our teeth and gums during the day.

How to protect teeth

1. Drink tap water and tea

Many localities add fluoride to tap water, which is great for teeth. Fluoride makes teeth stronger by building and repairing the enamel. So switch out that bottled water for tap water. It will help prevent cavities by keeping the enamel healthy and strong.

Tea, both green and black, contains compounds that kill mouth bacteria and prevent them from multiplying. As a bonus, tea will detoxify the body as it protects the mouth.

2. Use a straw

The sucking action of drinking with a straw draws sugars and acids away from the teeth and down the throat. This denies harmful bacteria the sugar they need to make acids that attack the enamel. What is more, using a straw sucks the acids that are already in the mouth from the teeth and into the back of the mouth. There, they are washed down by whatever beverage a person is drinking.

3. Snack smart

If a person must have a sugary snack, it is best to have it in one sitting. The mouth will clean away the sugar in a little while and the bacteria in the mouth will have nothing more to feast on. Constant snacking on sugary foods provides a constant supply of sugar for the bacteria to feed on.

A person can also adopt healthy snacks that are just as delicious as the sugary ones.

4. Consider cheese

After a meal or snack, the mouth becomes more acidic. Dairy products can neutralize the acid, and as it turns out, cheese is the most effective of them. Not only does cheese reduce acidity in the mouth, it also stimulates saliva production, which helps with the removal of food particles, acid and bacteria.

Cheese also provides calcium and vitamin D, which strengthen and repair the teeth and jaw.

5. Snack on fruit or a salad

Crunchy foods like apples and vegetables scrub the teeth, gums and tongue. They also stimulate the production of saliva, which helps the mouth to clean itself. Snacking on these foods freshens a person's breath while improving the health of the teeth.

A person with a sweet tooth should consider switching from candy to berries. They are just as delicious and far healthier.

It only takes a minute

We can protect our teeth without inconveniencing ourselves. By adopting simple little habits, we end up improving both our dental and overall health. With some fun and easy adjustments, we can make our days more interesting while keeping our smiles pretty. Talk to one of our dentists to learn more about protecting your teeth.

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